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Balusters & Balustrades

Put a few balusters in a row, drop a rail on them, and you've got a balustrade. We have done them, we can do them, but we don't do them much anymore because that Texas company specializes in them. Still, for exact replacements for your unusual balusters, we're here for you.

Short section of cast balustrade. Here, the rails are set in brick piers. Space between balusters should be equal to baluster size. Be aware of local laws.
We have a nice newel post mold if needed as well.

Balustrades usually have a simple bottom rail but it isn't necessary. It is important that water can escape from the patio. People make their own wooden molds for the top rail from plywood and molding. Here's an old baluster and the mold we made for the contractor. I don't have this anymore - he does.
Such molds cost around $500 depending on size and repair labor. In use it would be turned upside-down and a rebar would go down the center.

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