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Capitals We make a variety of plaster capitals, usually in response to customer's needs: porches in Memphis are always being renovated. We may use the best cap you have on your porch as the pattern, usually repaired and stripped, perhaps left slightly weatherbeaten so the replacements don't look odd among the originals. We cast most caps from Hydrocal, a very hard, dense plaster, and casting plaster, lighter but still strong, both with fiberglass mat all through them. Porch caps have a big hole for the load-bearing wood cylinder, while caps meant for pedestals have flat-cast tops.
Consider capitals with holes for interior use as well: they can hold pots of ivy, or halogen uplamps, for example.
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If you need just a few caps of a size or style we don't think will be in demand, we may find them in a catalog for you. We might do touchup work on them before you receive them.

Square Corinthian capital, the finest I've ever molded. 12" sq.bottom.
2 halves (pilaster capitals) joined. Oak grain reproduces well - finish and it's wood.
Scamozzi porch caps ready for customer.
6.5", 8.5", and 10" are usually available. (See Advice)

The 10" Scamozzi cap on plaster column. Note that detail behind volutes (corner scrolls) is correct. We don't make the plaster column any more, but we could for a large order. We used to make pedestal tables like this continuously but they have passed out of style.

The column is 10" dia. at base, narrowing to 8 1/2" at neck, then the astragal (ring) increases the top dia. back to 10". This is correct but unusual.

Stack of assorted caps in shop. Roman doric on top.
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Normal use: A wood plug rests on the wood column shaft, and the plaster cap rests on the outer edge of the shaft.

10" Scamozzis: $125

8.5" Scam's: $95

6.5" Scam's: $65

.. Prices do not include packing but cost is reasonable.

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