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Clarksville Courthouse  Clarksville, Tenn.
The historic town center was ripped apart by a huge tornado a few years ago. The enormous county courthouse was nearly destroyed. Jack Lieberknecht asked us to make facecasts of two fancy pilaster capitals in plaster so stonecarvers could work from our patterns. 
This meant making rubber molds high on the undamaged side in the fall-- fortunately, an unusually warm spell.
White arrow points to where we worked, inside a plastic shroud. This enabled the contractor to heat the stones, so our RTV rubber (SmoothOn 724) would cure.

Doesn't look so big? That's a six-story climb up the scaffold (below.)

Here's my helper Yvonne, at the main stone we molded. It is approx. 7' by 3'.

Applying rubber to the triangular top section.  

The mold had to be thicker in places to fill the undercuts, so the plaster support mold (not started yet, here) would be able to be pulled away from the rubber.

I didn't photograph the support mold being made - very fast and messy - but it covered the big stone in thirds which slightly overlapped. Rubber took one day, and plasterwork took the second day. Then it all came down and we carried it home.

Here is the completed courthouse..

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