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Concrete Projects
Working with quality concrete precast companies is a very important part of the Archicast story. 
We are sorry to report that Randy Ferguson has left town. We are not OK with Joel Stirek of Olive Branch.
See also the Washington Avenue office complex


Beale Street-

We have this mold.

This is the cast iron original but we have a perfect mold, for concrete castings.

The Christian Brothers University campus on East Parkway in Memphis put up a handsome security fence and gatehouse. Archicast worked on the molds for Bob Ferguson, who cast a huge quantity of parts.
The lettering pattern was produced by a computerized router.


When concrete's components, rock, sand and cement, are carefully chosen for their color, and the mix is vibrated or drypacked in the mold for the best surface appearance, it may be called cast stone. We meet or exceed standards set by the Cast Stone Institute
Further, it may be hand-rubbed and acid-washed for a limestone look if pale grey, or a sandstone look if colored red, yellow or brown. Acid washing removes the flat cement color from the surface and lets you see the real color and texture.
See Balusters and Balustrades
Cast mostly with white sand, marble chips and white cement, a good marble concrete is possible.

Along with the fine appearance, you get concrete's advantages of cast-in rebar, weldplates and lifting loops, without the fracture planes of natural stone.


Early in my career I sculpted the William Len Hotel's logo and had it cast to create 2 planters for this downtown residential renovation job. Four sides bolt together, with an FRP insert to hold the soil. 
These are now on the roof.
See the running stones as well.
Statuary, balustrades, finials, coping, window headers and entire frames, countertops, moldings, planters, signs, columns, plaques, house numbers, brackets --
Whatever has to stand up to the weather, as well as hold up the building -- it can be done in concrete.

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