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Long a downtown Memphis landmark, the 20-story Exchange Building fell on hard times and stood empty for fifteen years. Broken windows and a leaky roof let in the elements. Renovation turned the old professional office building into apartments. Even the vast trading rooms became large apartments. Only the ballroom and the lobby now function as public spaces, and my plasterwork is concentrated there, as well as in the ceilings of the huge trading-floor units.
              Allen & O'Hara, Memphis
              Hnedak Bobo, Memphis


      Elevator lobby Greek molding.

We made three of these huge brackets for the ballroom.   
Balcony of Ballroom. Note fascia running molding we re-created, giant brackets and thistle plaques. It was incorrectly assembled.  This beautiful garland bracket was half-missing. We recast the bottom half from a surviving bracket.

Large egg-and-dart molding was one of three made for the trading-room apartment ceilings. The others were a lambs-tongue design and a high-relief fruit-and-leaves design.

All can be reproduced from sections I keep.

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