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Goldsmith's was Memphis' premier department store, and its old downtown building, stripped of its sheetmetal panel facade, is still one of the handsomest. Rechristened as Peabody Place, its mixture of store floors and warehouse loft space is now a functional mix of office, retail, apartment, and public space. And they're not done yet-- it's still growing.
Archicast was called in to repair a fancy terra cotta window surround, for which contractor Metro Construction threw up a substantial plastic greenhouse so winter wouldn't stop work. Then we sculpted a large old stone block for reproduction as a GFRC panel, and we reproduced a fancy swagged capital, and finally, and by far the biggest job, we reproduced the large square capitals which appear throughout the building. Many were missing or damaged. There were four sizes to mold and make, and the largest required sculpting to satisfy the architects Hnedak Bobo. These are laminated GRG (glass reinforced gypsum), light and strong, made as four sides and preassembled as halves.
  I cannot tell my copies from the originals, which is how it should be.

Here are the big halves, each assembled from two cast sides. Assembled in place around columns in the building.
Here is the swagged and garlanded capital we reproduced.
We cannot take credit for the paintjob.

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