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  The Woodward-White house was designed by NY architect Stanford White as an Aiken, South Carolina retreat for a wealthy Yankee. Refurbished by true-crime authors Naifeh and Smith as the Joye Cottage, they wrote a humorous book about their experiences with local contractors and tradesmen. At first I was offended not to have been mentioned, but then realized that since I hadn't fouled up in some colorful way, I didn't need to be in it. This house was featured on 60 Minutes when the pair started an excellent-physician referral service.
  Our job was to reconstruct a variety of capitals from the battered originals, cast and ship them. And that's what we did. 
        The capitals and molding are available to you as well.


Another of several entrances to the H-plan, 9000 sq. ft. 'Joye Cottage.'
We did Ionic caps, pilaster caps, and moldings. Detail below.


We remade these Roman Doric caps. Made in halves on the bias, as originals were.
Pilaster cap: Ten were ordered, but ours made the remaining ones look
even worse, so they got another dozen. Roman Doric style.
Detail shows Ionic column cap. pilaster cap and molding we made.
Photos by Naifeh+Smith.
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