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We make moldings when catalogs do not satisfy. 
By moldings, we mean long, repeating pieces meant to run around rooms, not "anything molded."
Great pains are taken to create the pattern, either repairing an original or bench running a profile. Yes, we make those odd-looking sheetmetal and wood tools used for gliding through mounds of wet plaster. They also swing on a centerpoint to make radius arches, even complete circles. That's how we make the rims for ceiling domes. But most of these shown here were cast in molds we made.

Repaired and recast, hollow and strong: 5'-lengths.      Here's how it looks in the Exchange Building (18th floor lobby)

Floral molding for Exchange Building trading floor ceilings

Bench-run molding still on the table at shop

Wm. Len Hotel: Resculpted belt course stones, cast them in varying lengths as needed (concrete.) Mold still good. We made over 400 ft. of this classical molding for the lobby renovation of the Brinkley Plaza building, downtown Memphis.

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