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Ole Miss Fieldhouse Ole Miss, the University of Mississippi in Oxford, decided to greatly expand its Field House. Its beautiful limestone facade came down in pieces large and small. In cooperation with the contractor we retrieved the fancy parts we needed. I still have some of them.

Archicast made a fiberglass mold of the column shaft, stretching it from eleven to 11 1/2 feet. We made rubber/fiberglass molds of the capital, the base, the pilaster cap and its base, and the big molding. These last two items did not survive, so we created the patternwork for them, and the fancier panel molds.


The finished Field House facade. Note pilaster columns behind round columns, the correct design.

This is addressed in the Advice page as well.

Capital is Temple of the Winds, a Greek style. More capitals here. Original: FOR SALE!
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