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    Smaller Plaster Brackets Generally, these are cast partly hollow with fiberglass  reinforcing and a galvanized wire for hanging. Drapery bracket is solid. Prices are for unfinished plaster. Colors can be cast-in.
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Image # -Name height top (WxD) price each
1-Acanthus-leaf bracket 22" 7 x 7 $ 75
2-Classic bracket 10" 6.5 x 6   35
3-Griffin bracket 14" 13 x 8   45
4-Garland bracket 16 11.5 x 6   75
5-Drapery bracket (with or w/o hole) 13 4.5 x 4.5 23 w,
20 w/o
6-Mermaid &
Merman brackets
16 10 x 5   75 ea.
7-Five-leaf Gothic bracket 10 8 x 7  165
8-Big terra cotta, not immed. avail.    inquire  

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The 5-leaf Gothic bracket (#7 above) designed by Andrew Jackson Downing, reproduced for the P. T. Barnum Museum and then for decorator Mario Buatta.
The 5 leaves are cast separately, trimmed, and bonded to the form with more plaster.
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