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  Day in, day out, plaster casting is our most common task. We cast USG's #1 Casting plaster, Hydrocal, Hydrocal FGR-95, pottery plaster, and others on occasion. Almost always, the plaster has a lot of fiberglass mat laminated in it. This gives you great strength and break resistance --even if a piece of molding cracks, it may be undetectable in place. You can drive sheetrock screws right through it without fear (predrill, though.) We are able to work thin and light, not depending on sheer thickness for strength. 
Working extra-thick or extra-thin --surprise!-- costs more, but not much.

  This means quicker drying, as well as lower shipping and installation costs. The softer casting plaster is usually at the surface: this means you can easily sand down joints. Behind that is the Hydrocal/glass for strength. We work hard to avoid nasty mold seams and air bubbles, and we repair them if they show up. If you specify 'great strength,' we'll keep building up the walls. Plaster is a lot stronger than you probably are aware, with compressive strength between 2000 and 5000 psi. 
                   See a great San Antonio plaster man -Tom Battersby.

  Click link for specs and prices of smaller brackets   Americana bracket, Victorian-era 32" ht. Used for tables and decor.
  This big bracket is 26" long, 15" wide and 12" deep. It makes a statement!

 Two popular designs . . . . . both also cast in concrete. See next page.
 Mermaid and merman brackets.

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