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Memphs Theological Seminary, East Parkway: We made molds of one urn to make a needed duplicate. Original (rt.) is marble, copy is "marblecrete," a mix using marble sand. Cast in 4 parts, as the original was made.


A catchall category:
Almost everything we do is a reproduction. 
The big cherub is reproduced from olde sheetmetal. 
The Bayard Building plaque is from an early NYC skyscraper. 

The big pineapple was reproduced for Memphis Country Club in plaster and FRP and then we cast them in concrete, too.

One is the terra-cotta original, one a plaster copy. 
Faux finish: Carol DeForest Studio
Everyone has the little cherub, but only Archicast has this big boy: $75. 
From a stamped zinc original from an old Tenn church. Copyrighted.
The Bayard Building on Bleecker St., NYC.
22" sq. plaque designed by Louis Sullivan. We cast in concrete also.
There are corner boltholes but we usually put a hanger wire in the back.
This 4 ft.-diam. ceiling medallion was reconstructed for a museum mansion in Victorian Village in downtown Memphis. One night the original fell to the floor! They sent me four boxes of plaster rubble. I went through every piece, sorting the cast pieces from the flatwork, and cleaning them. Then on four boards I started matching bits and pieces, gluing joints. 
When one quadrant was complete, I repaired and made a mold of that one. I cast four new quadrants of Hydrocal with plenty of glass strand. 
The central core hadn't fallen, but its roses and branches had, so I reassembled them on it. A good plasterer mounted them all to the rebuilt ceiling lath.
Large medallions are often composed of identical "pie-slice" elements.

Table pedestal holds 500-lb. solid slate octagonal top. This is my Verona capital: four halves laminated together, bonded to plywood squares for stabiliIty.

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