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Reproductions, continued
FRP mold made in place on existing pilaster, to replicate for street side of old post office building.
Forensic Medicine building, crosstown Memphis. 
Component pilaster cap in Kerns-Wilcheck library wall. 
Kerns-Wilcheck is our biggest customer. Archicast was started when they encouraged me and placed the first orders.
Email them or call 901-527-8429. Mantels and library cabinetry a specialty.
Here is a proof casting of an architectural element on a section of curved arch molding. Contractor can cast this as you see it or fill only the ornament area, and press a section of curved molding into it, to form the back side and bond to it.  See the whole overdoor ornament St. Mary's Catholic Church of Jackson, Tenn., was building a new church in 1991. They had a wonderful set of the Stations of the Cross bas-reliefs in the old church but they were fragile, set deep in brick niches and garishly painted. Archicast made molds of all 14 in place, took home the molds, repaired and recast them in putty-colored reinforced Hydrocal. Each was ~ 26 x 34".

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