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Most jobs require some sculpting. Repairing statues usually does, and repairing old pieces for moldmaking does too.
But sometimes the job calls for sculpting something from a picture or a drawing or just an idea.
Ship's figurehead statue made for the Harborview, a San Diego hotel restaurant, by a team of Memphians.
My shop lifecasted the model, sculpted her hair, and integrated a steel bracket in her
back. A costume designer sewed an old-fashioned dress and fitted it on her.
Scott Blake with Design 500 added the billowing cloak, stiffened all the fabric, and did the amazing paintjob.


Art deco plaque sculpted by Archicast and cast in black fiberglass (FRP) for the door of the only Art Deco house in Memphis. See story. This was gilded and lacquered by Trish Aviotti. Sculpted from a little pin, this is 4' by 3'.

Thomas & Betts corporate headquarters, Memphis:

I pressed their myriad components into clay to create eleven 6x6 tile designs. 600+ cast; painted (by others) to look like raku pottery.

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